Water waste occurs on a daily basis in homes. Even if you are diligent about reducing the amount of water you use on a regular basis, there is only so much you can do on your own. The installation of plumbing products and solutions will help you reduce water waste and save on energy costs. Various products can ensure you have a home that is more eco-friendly. By investing a little into the products now, you can watch the savings add up in the long run and feel good about your eco-friendly water use habits for the foreseeable future.

Learn about some of the options you have available for green plumbing solutions and how a professional installation can transform your home for the better.

1.Dual Flush Toilets

Every time someone uses the toilet, the same type of flush is not needed. Instead of emptying out the full tank of water with each flush, a plumber can install a dual flush toilet for your bathroom. If you have multiple bathrooms, then a plumber can install multiple toilets in the home.

Dual flush toilets come with two options for flushing. You can choose a traditional full flush or opt for a smaller flush, especially if the toilet only contains liquids. The smaller flush will help cut down on water waste and give you more control of how much water gets flushed on a regular basis. A plumber installation of the toilet will ensure a smooth flow and prevent any leaks through the toilet bowl. A typical dual flush toilet will include flush buttons on the top of the tank rather than the traditional handle on the front side of the tank. The positioning helps make flushes more accurate and you can quickly learn how to use the dual flush system.

2.Low-Flow Faucets and Fixtures

Along with toilets, the sinks and showers in a bathroom could also be a major source of water waste. One way to cut down on water use without cutting down on your shower time is with the installation of low-flow faucets and fixtures. A low-flow fixture will use less water, but still supply you with a proper pressure. The fixtures include technology similar to power washers and other devices that condenses the water without the need to use the full amount.

Everyday activities like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or washing your hands will use much less water even if you spend the same amount of time doing those activities. A plumber can expand the rooms of your house where low-flow faucets get installed. For example, you could add those faucets to a kitchen sink or a laundry room sink. When you expand them to different rooms of the home, your overall water use will lower. Some low-flow faucets will have adjustment options as needed while others feature automatic settings. A plumber can go over your installation options and choose the best faucets to fit your needs within various rooms.

3.Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Access to hot water on a daily basis is essential, but your current hot water heater could waste a lot of water as it tries to keep a tank hot and you go through the water. Not only can you save on water consumption, but you can reduce energy costs with the use of a tankless hot water heater. The technology in a tankless hot water heater will heat up water as needed. When the water turns on, the pipe goes through the tankless water to quickly heat it up as it travels through the pipes. So if you go a whole day without needing hot water, then the hot water tank will not have to constantly heat up water in preparation.

A tankless hot water heater installation will typically replace your current installation and conserve space at the same time. Newer technology runs more efficiently and provides you with hot water faster than many older systems. A professional installation will ensure the new hot water heater works correctly and with all the water outputs in your home. When comparing electricity bills from month to month, you could see a difference that directly correlates with the installation of an efficient tankless hot water heater.

4.Pipe Insulation

Hot water use can waste a lot of energy. Along with low-flow faucets and new hot water heaters, you can save even more energy when a plumber adds pipe insulation to your hot water pipes. With insulation added to the pipes, you will have far less heat loss from the pipes. The pipes can stay warm so hot water gets properly delivered to different outlets. You will not need to waste more water as you wait for it to get warmer.

The pipe insulation can also help reduce condensation, which will also cut down on water waste. A plumber can follow the hot water pipe system through your home to add insulation without big impacts on walls or other areas. Depending on the area you live in, a plumber may also add insulation to cold water pipes. The use of insulation on cold water pipes can help reduce chances of freezing or incidents like burst pipes.

Experienced Plumbers and Professional Installation

At Delta Mechanical, we have years of experience with plumbing installations in the Mesa and Phoenix areas. We adapt to the times and understand the importance of eco-friendly technology in new plumbing installations. After a single appointment, you can enjoy savings that add up over time. Along with green plumbing solutions, we provide a wide range of other services for your home. This includes the installation of water softener systems to help treat hard water. We have professional plumbers who can detect leaks, find the source, and repair them. We also provide repiping services to help replace any other or weathered pipes in your home.

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