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Water Treatment

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Water Treatment


Filters all the water at your home’s main water line, so all your water is clean, even in the shower, kitchen, and laundry.

• Reduces sediment, odors, and bad tastes
• Extends the life of pipes and appliances
• Perfect for homes with well water


Purifies water through a deep cleansing process. Contaminants are filtered out leaving clean drinking water.

• Uses a membrane and series of filters
• Removes up to 99% of contaminants
• Install under the sink or main water line


Filters water just before the tap, reduces sediment from water pipes, and improves taste.

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The Home Depot referred me to Delta Mechanical for the installation of our new garbage disposal and they did great 👍🏼 First Sveto Milanov arrived early and after installation cleaned up after himself. He was not talkative but answered my questions when asked. I will definitely use them again 👍🏼
Jorge Mendoza
Jorge Mendoza
September 20, 2023
Just had Sveto from Delta Mechanical come by and install my new GE Water Softener. He did an awesome job and I highly recommend delta mechanical for anyone.
Dana Rayhorn
Dana Rayhorn
June 5, 2020