While garbage disposal installation isn’t a challenge, deciding on the type of installation can be. The first things to think about are usability and the disposal policy in your area.

Regarding usability, consider how often you’ll use your disposal and the types of food waste that will go in there. While garbage disposals have their benefits, such as making it easy to dispose of food waste and minimizing garbage that’s in landfills, they can put a strain on the environment. It takes a lot of energy and water to operate them, and the greater the waste, the more of it that’s required. Then comes the disposal policy in your area. For the reasons stated above, some sewer authorities will require a permit to install a disposal, and some will prohibit any type of installation altogether.

Choosing the Right Garbage Disposal Installation

Once you decide to go forward with a garbage disposal installation, you have to understand the important aspects of garbage disposals and how they can meet your needs.

By definition, a garbage disposal is a kitchen appliance that breaks down food waste and washes it away in the drain, usually to a septic system. It easily connects under your sink by locking with the drain outlet.

Top things to consider in choosing a garbage disposal are how it feeds, its horsepower, and how it works with your septic tank.

Continuous Feed Versus Batch Feed

This pertains to how the garbage disposal works. If it’s a continuous feed disposal, as the name suggests, you can feed it as long as it’s switched on, and it works with running water.

With a batch feed disposal, when a stopper is placed into the drain, it will automatically turn on. It doesn’t require a switch and is ideal if children are using the disposal because the stopper prevents food waste from shooting out.

Horsepower Requirements for Your Home

Horsepower is how effective or strong the garbage disposal operates. A lower horsepower will have less grinding power than a higher horsepower. Horsepower ranges from 1/3 to 1. If you plan to grind tough waste, like bones, produce peels, and coffee grounds, you’ll want one with ¾ or 1 horsepower. Anything lower should only be for soft food waste since these disposals are prone to jamming.

If Your Home Has a Septic Tank

Garbage disposals can be challenging for septic system microorganisms due to their inability to digest the food waste. However, some disposals have cartridges attached to them, which release citrus scented microorganisms into the grind chamber to help breakdown the waste. They last up to 6 months and replacements are under $20.

Service That Delivers Everything You Need in One Place

When you’ve determined the type of garbage disposal installation that’s ideal for your home, the last step is to find the right installer who specializes in plumbing solutions and everything that surrounds it.

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No project is too great for us, and by leaving out the middleman, you get all your questions answered and everything you need in one place.

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